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    Test-E thinking of adding Anavar to help cut or clen?

    Im doing 500mg of Test-E EW.
    On week 7 doing a 12 week cycle.

    Wanting to shave some fat if possible got a beach trip on the 4th want to be ripped. Was thinking of adding Anavar 100mg a day for the last 4 weeks of my cycle? Would this be a good idea. Any problems with adding this.

    From what i have read Anavar seems to be super good. Low sides and good results. Guess that's why it cost as much as it does.

    +/-12% BF can see top four abs pretty good bottom 2 starting to show a little.

    I thought maybe of adding clen but i seem to recall in a post that i read it my hinder the effects of the test?

    Thanks all,

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    Depends. Do you have experience with AAS cycles before? If this is your first cycle, stick with just test. I personally have not heard of any clen and test conflicts before. In fact, have you not heard of the famous clen/T3/test cutting cycle before?

    If you can handle clen and T3, do that instead. Less things to worry about in terms of PCT because Anavar is only RELATIVELY milder.

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