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    New but not uneducated and have questions

    Ok I am hoping I donít get chewed out on this thread like some newbies. My reason for posting on here is to gain information to make an educated decision. Iím not some douche bag guy trying to get big quick to impress a girl but someone who want to listen to advice of other people and make the right decision. Here is my story when I was 18 I was 267lbs. as a pre-med student I began to study a lot about the body. Learning more about the body I was able to drop my weight to where it is now of 178. Iíam now currently 24 178lbs 5í10Ē and body fat % is unknown. For the last two years Iíve been trying to gain muscle mass and have been successful even thought my work out and gains have slowed. In a completely none arrogant way i know steroids are dangerous but I truly believe when used right they can be ok. I think the media and society have a miss conception of steroids. My reasons for wanting to try a cycle is to gain muscle mass and not going to lie Iíd like to do it quicker with a boost, and frankly see what happens if I tried a cycle. As weird as this sounds my doctor has told me itís a bad idea and she will not help me get them or how to use them but if I insist on doing them she will monitor me regularly to make sure I donít have any side effects problems. Some of the questions I will be posting at the bottom I have my own educated opinion about bout I want to know others opinion. Thank you to anyone who post on my questions and I will take your advice into consideration.
    1. Do you think steroids are as dangerous and bad as society says?
    2. What is a good beginners cycle combination?
    3. Which is better oral or injectable?
    4. how should you start, maintain, and come off a cycle?
    5. where should I go to become more educated on cycles?

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    Info above is:

    1. Correct
    2. Correct
    3. Correct
    4/5. Correct.

    Do a lot of reading. This site has TONS of info.

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    1.) no look at Arnie still alive in his 60's

    2.) stick to 1 compound first cycle , like he said /\ test is the recommended newbie cycle @300-500mg pw

    3.) injectables as orals do more damage to your liver

    4.) research all info on this forum already

    5.) same as 4

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    all good responses here. the media/society likes to focus on people who abuse steroids , and people who use them in sports where they are not allowed.. so of course they are going to have a negative stigma from this. in reality though, steroids are not very harmful if all if used properly

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    You got a lot of research to do.Before you should even think of doing a cycle bro.Aas has gottin a bad rap from the media.Theres a ton of info here on this site.All you need to do is look and ask.Good luck.

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    Steroids are bad I saw it on tv and they never lie!

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