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    Higher estradiol levels an indicator that AI may be needed on cycle?

    I am not sure if this has anything to do with it but as the title says would higher estradiol levels be an indicator that AI would be required on cycle? If not is there anything on my blood work that would indicate this?

    I had gotten my blood tests done and estradiol was at 38.2pg/ml. I dont have any gyno and have never had any indication of it.

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    im curious about this as well....

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    as long as your estrogen stays in the low range from 10-50pg/ml you will be ok....just watch it close,i just got mine tested this week for the first time ever and im on TRT lifetime at a pretty high dose of test,and my estrogen level was 125.6pg/ml...way to friggin high,so im now going to have to start taking an A.I..just make sure you keep it checked man

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    assuming you're not on hrt, id say stay on the minimum dose of AI... especially if you're taking hcg with your cycle... i like a-dex at .25ml/day or .5ml eod personally. if you lower E too much, you'll lose some gains, but keeping it in check will keep your bloat down, reducing your weight loss at the end of a cycle, and help you circumvent most sides. obviously, if you're megadosing, you might need a short period of higher AI dosing, but typically .25 will do ya

    ** some people will say ":it's too expensive to just take something (an ai) if you don't NEED it... but it's SOOOO much harder (if impossible) to reverse something like gyno, than it is to prevent... that's just my opinion. no amt of $$ or couple lbs of ON-cycle weight will ever get me to NOT take an AI at small doses with it

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