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    Finally have time to post my new 'strategy'

    Been away for a while...unfortunately some illness in the family and very busy at work. Wanted to summarize what I have been doing lately regarding my workout and supplements.

    To recap I decided to bust down and shred as much body fat as possible in 6 weeks before spring break with the help of gbrice and damon I dropped 17 pounds and a lot of bf!!!! I wished I had a pic to share but have been busy as I mentioned.

    After spring break I stopped the clen /T3/keto and upped my normal weekly TRT from 100mg/week test-c to 150mg every sunday and 250 mg every wednesday. Reason for the weird split is my endo upped me to 150mg based on my last bw and then I add in my own 'stuff' on wednesday which are in 250mg amps. I am on my second week right now. I am also taking .25 of dex eod and .25 hcg e3d. So far I feel great except I have been sleeping horribly. I never looked 44 years old no less.

    Thanks to everyone for your help! I love this site! Anyway my thought was to continue for 8 weeks and then drop back to my TRT dosage of 150mg/week. Any thoughts? By the way my diet is basically the same as before spring break maybe a few more grams of carbs and fat not much more if any. Protein is still approx 300g/day. I stopped the am fasted cardio but continue the post-lift cardio 45 minutes low intensity at night.

    My goal right now is to keep the bf low and add some lean muscle and definition.

    Thanks again for everything!!!!!
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