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    To Cycle... Or Not to Cycle? That is the question

    Hey bro's,

    Need some advice here. I ruptured my right bicep tendon (at the elbow) playing football a few games back and have been sidelined ever since. I have complete movement in my arm and it actually feels pretty good... has for awhile. I'll eventually need surgery to re-attach but my question is this:

    Would you go ahead with a planned summer cycle with this injury or would it be best to wait until I've completely recovered? I have a nice little summer cycle planned that should be starting in a couple of weeks but thought I better seek a little knowledge first. My proposed cycle can be found here:!&highlight=

    The reason I'm tempted to continue with my planned cycle is because quite honestly, the arm feels good. As far as lifting goes (didn't touch weights at all this last month), all my strength seems to be there. Bench, chins, etc. are all good. The only thing I think that will change is I can't curl quite as heavy on the right side but there is no pain and the arm still feels strong. I guess I want to know if you think working out heavy and running a cycle will damage the muscle even further or will it build size and strength as normal till I have it repaired? Any bro's out there suffer this injury before? I greatly respect the advice given on these boards so please let me know what you think... even if you're just speaking from opinion. Thanks in advance.


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    I would hold off on the aas, and instead, very lightly work out the arm. It's not the muscle that is theproblem, but the tendon, which respond to aas much slower than muscle. The road to recovery can be a long one, and I'd take it slow to avoid another or a re-injury. I hurt the tendon in my left arm last june, and even now, I'm still cautious. No, it doesn't hurt. But I also know that if it does decide to reinjure, I won't get much warning before it goes out. So I take it real slow, and throw in some reverse curls instead. not as good, but it works a different part of the arm other than the original injury site.

    I would err on the side of caution. And at 35, you are not a kid anymore. If after a few months all is well, then I would consider a light 12 week cycle and work my way back up.

    In the long run, it's the injuries we avoid that can give us the best potential for long term growth, as opposed to going too aggressively after injury, reinjuring, and then rehabing for another year.
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