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    2nd cycle.. Gearing up, what to run?

    Currently in PCT from my first cycle of test enan which was at 750/wk for about 12 weeks. I am stocking up for the next cycle and trying to figure out what I want to run.
    Im 5'7" at 186ish right now
    not sure on the bf but posted a couple pics to help determine that and what I should run.
    I would like to gain a little bit of mass yet as summer comes on, but I really want to lean out. My diet was very sloppy at the time of these pics. Im currently eating alot better, and will continue with a better diet on the next cycle. I'd like to run a good 14-16 weeks total. I'll be using test enan as a base most likely at 750/w again. A friend suggested winny and tren . I'd like to get some opinions from you guys here. Thanks for any input.
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    By nbock951 at 2011-04-16

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    sust and maybe deca
    750 is a high dose for your first, that would be more than enough for your second as well, and can use alittle less deca.
    HIGHLY recomend you get your diet posted in the diet section and make sure it's good.

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    The Diet Question forum will help you put on some nice clean mass.

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