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    Answers to newbie questions.

    Well, earlier this week i posted a question because i'm interested in starting a cycle of sustanon 250. Im 23 years, 5'9", 169lbs and have been working out since i was 16..i know my body and ive seen it grow over the last 7 years. I eat right, and train hard... i have a very low body fat percentage because of how active i am even outside of the gym doing mma, wrestling, hockey jogging and many other cardio involved activites. So for those questioning my weight there's the answer. I eat like a horse, seriously, and im not small.. im a blocky 169 lbs. Anyways.. i've been pondering doing steroids for a long time and have been reading this forum for a while and talking to sellers and users in and around my area. I don't need to be told that 23 is too you to be taking them.. i know that. But im doing them for my own reasons just looking for advice on what to avoid, and what would cause less sides.. just some professional help. And im not the only one.
    I love how people come to this site to get answers to questions so they don't end up severely hurting themselves and totally get no help. They come with an open mind knowing that steroids aren't good for you body matter what age you are. A lot of you need to realize that most of these people ARE going to do these cycles anyways... with your blessing on age or not. I'm willing to bet that about 80% of you have done cycles at the age of 22 or around then, i'm from a city that is famous for anabolic usage because theres nothing else here to do besides work and hitting the gym. I know people who have been doing roids since their 20's and are now in their 30's doing just fine.. lets not forget the big name's attached to the steroid world like arnold and stallone who started roids.. well before their 20's. So yes while it is probably bad for people to start them in their early 20's, know they are going to do them anyways, instead of harassing why not give a bit of help, things to avoid and what would affect their body's less.
    Please.. give help to these questions, give your professional advice to the best of your knowledge thats why WE come this site..for answers. Could of heard from our mom's we shouldn't do them. Cmon people.

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    You have been working out for 7 years, eating like a horse, and have watched your body grow all the way to 169 pounds @5'9"!? What was your weight 7 years ago at 16? Knowing all this, do you think your body would keep the gains you might get from a cycle? I am thinking no. Post up your diet and a PIC (no head shot) and let some of the vets give you a plan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Cal View Post
    Please.. give help to these questions, give your professional advice to the best of your knowledge thats why WE come this site..for answers. Could of heard from our mom's we shouldn't do them. Cmon people.
    News flash bro... telling someone to stay away from gear in their early twenties so they don't screw themselves up IS advice. It may not be the advice they want but it's the best advice they can get. If I don't believe a 20 year old should be cycling then what would make you think I have an opinion on how they can do it safely? They can't do it safely, whether something happens or not, they are putting themselves at risk for problems now... or down the road. Simple as that. And to be quite honest, if you are in your teens or early twenties, then you should be utilizing all of the natural test your body already has. Learn how to eat, learn how to lift and get the results you're looking for. When you're older and your test levels start to drop naturally and your endo system has fully matured... then cycle till your hearts content.

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    Dude you can get to 185/190 naturally... I am also waiting for my cycle because i want to reach 180/185.. right now i am 5'4'' and 161 @ 13/14%bf...

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