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    tren and urine screening

    Im currently on test/tren /winny... and im also taking creatine which i dont normally take.. (hopefully to aid in ridding something else from my system *couch*cough*) I know that tren can be harsh on the kidneys, as well as creatine cause an elevation in creatine levels.. My water intake of course is etremely high as well... So my question is not will i fail for gear (again theyre not testing for it) but because of all the added stress on my kidneys should i be concerned about any levels coming back abnormaly high? Is there anything i should be worried about that may cause them to question anything, including my health? anything i can say other than im taking creatine in the gym? hope this all makes sense... thanks guys!

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    Look into a product called "The liquid stuff" - thank me later

    As far as your question...... i'm honestly not sure if the extra load on the liver/kidney will make a difference. Maybe someone else will?

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    If your getting screened for recreational drugs then no it doesn't matter. If the doc's testing your lipids, yes it might show up.

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