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    Advice on 1st cycle AND pct, please.

    Hi all ,im a 42 year old male, 5'11", 186Ilbs and 13% bf. Im look to do my first cycle. Ive read tons of posts on this site and others and have spoken to people who are experienced in using steroids . Ive come to the conclusion, that taking steroids and other compounds that form a steroid cycle and PCT is a bit like skinning a cat theres more than one way to do it. Im going to run a Test eth and Dbol cycle and ive read Swifto and Pheendos excellent stickys on PCT but im torn between to lovers lol. I just dont know which one to go with and wondered if anybody had any thoughts or experiences theyd like to share. Look forward to hearing from you.

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    Drop dbol ... use only test.. make sure to have a good pct.. Whats your cycle and pct in mind??

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