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    Question Recently decided to try steriods and need some advice....

    I have recently decided to try steriods and need some advice as to what I need to take. I want to do this right so I do not damage my body. I need to know what I should take how much I need to take and what I need to take for a post cycle. I am 22 yrs old. My goal is to get as big as possible without putting on a bunch of fat (I realize a lot of this is diet). Please help me!

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    The first thing you will learn if you read this site a lot is that the HPTA system is usaully still developing at 22. This makes the chance of causing damage far greater than it would if you waited till 25 or older. Look up the article 'Too young to cycle" by Marcus its a good read. If by chance you decide to cycle anyway you should read for at least a month as it will take this long to become familiar with all the possible side effects, PCT, ancillary compounds and their uses, whithout a full understanding of these things taking steroids at any age is ill advised. Its a very serious undertaking and not one to be decided upon due to posting a couple of questions on the internet and getting a couple of suggestions on steroid usage. Hopefully by the time you get done with all this reading you will have become aware enough of all the possible problems and unwanted sides to make the decision to wait till you are 25, if not at least you chances will be improved.

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