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    Acne on Masteron

    I'm taking 500mg test E/300mg Primo/500-600mg Masteron per week. I'm 6 weeks in to a 14 weeks cycle. Ive run a number of cycles in the past (mostly test e and primo) with zero acne issues. This is the first time i've put Masteron in a cycle, and I am getting acne. Not bad acne but say one killer one on my chest, my back, and one on my face. They are very big hard ones too. Is this to be expected with masteron or is it my diet? And am I just be a b*tch?

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    Mast does the same exact thing to me. It's not a lot of acne, but it will just be one HUGE one a week, lol.

    There's tons of threads on here about acne, run a search and you'll get plenty of hits.

    The only thing I really do is tan frequently and shower often, that's all I need to do to keep the Mast acne at bay for the most part.

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