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    First cycle Test E advice please

    I have dropped the idea of using anavar as my first cycle and have decided after reading this forum and hearing from some of the vets on here to make Test E my first cylce. Still a little leary about the needles but I will work through it.

    I plan on doing an 8 week cycle of 500 mg per week. If this is too short or not enough mg please comment.

    I will have nolva and chlomid on hand for my pct.

    How much nolva and chlomid should i consider for my pct each day?
    Will hcg be needed in conjunction with nolva and chlomid?
    If hcg is needed, what is the recommended use?

    Any info is appreciated

    Age: 36
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 182 lbs
    BF% 15-17%

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    500mg for 10 weeks minimum. 8 weeks is not long enough, test E things are starting to kick in by week 4, hence a 10 week min, if not 12. HCG is always good, twice a week 500IU starting week 2. a ton of PCT protocol, HCG right up to PCT, then start clomid/nolva. take your pick or use both.

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    *no sources i wont reply*
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    8wks is pointless, 10 at least 12 optimal

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    Nolva @ 40/40/20/20mg per day
    Clomid @ 75/50/50/50mg per day

    start pct 2 weeks after last shot and run for four weeks

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