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    A little help would be much appreciated

    Ok, I am new to this forum but not new to the hobby. As I am not new to the hobby I always want to learn more and get people advise.

    So this is my deal, I am 35 yr old, 6' 4 230lb with about 16% fb. I am not fat but I do have a little extra. I am looking to cut up and put on a little size. I have the following available to me. Trenabol, Stanozolol (oil), Sus, Deca and Adropen 275.

    I know i am taking a Tes.. so I have to figure out what else with this. I am thinking I should take the Stanozolol every day and trenabol EOD but I was not sure and wanted to get some opinions.

    Also any recommendations for diets. I am eating very well and spoils myself once a week (in a healthy way) to shock my body. I do take some pre and post workout drinks.

    I have started to work out hard at the first of the year and lost 30lbs and about 10% body fat during this time. So I am ready to start something but I want to see what others have to say.

    I want to thank ever one for the help :-)

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    If this is your first cycle, then I'd stick with test only for 10-12 weeks. If you wanna use an oral to kickstart the cycle, use dbol or anadrol .

    As for as your diet, there is a whole section dedicated to the topic. Post your current diet and the guys there will be more than helpful.

    Welcome and good luck.
    Any other questions?

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    ^ Agree with higgy.
    Your first cycle needs to be test only. I prefer long acting esthers with half lives that will allow you to pin weekly, such as cypionate and enthanate. A standard first cycle should look something like this:
    500mg cyp every week
    12 weeks
    PCT = (extremely important, know that PCT is? Look it up) = 20mg Nolva x 4 weeks (very minimum)
    then take a 16 week break from cycling.
    You need to fully understand what testosterone does to your body, how your body responds, and what the sides are (do you bloat, etc?)
    Test should be the foundation to any cycle/stack, so therefore, your first cycle, you need to isolate it, in case anything goes wrong. First cycles where you stack, if something goes wrong, you wont' know if its' the test or something else. Treat this whole process like a science experiment. First cycle = test only. If you want to see what an oral does, then after your first cycle, you should go test + that oral. If you want to find out what deca does, then test + deca. After you've done a test + that oral cycle and a test + deca cycle, if you want to put all three together, since you have now isolated each, then you should be G2G. But if your first cycle is test + deca + that oral, and if something goes wrong, you won't know which compound is giving you the problems

    Before you start any thought of cycling, please go get blood panels tested, including your test (free and total) so that you now have a base line before you started experimenting with test. Additionally, get your blood pressure checked, your lipid panel (cholestorol) and your liver checked out. All before taking aas. And probably a good idea to find a real cute doctor that will make you blush while she is giving you a dre. Prostate health is very important, don't ignore it!

    Let's look at diet and exercise for a bit....
    and before I start that, our standard response is that your diet and exercise routine should be dialed in 100% before taking aas. You need a natural foundation from which you can work. if your foundation consists of some working out and a mediocre diet, any gains from aas will be short lived.

    we get many individuals coming here saying their diet is clean, but after they post their diet up, and we provide constructive criticism, they realize their diet is NOT clean. Big difference between a clean diet for a "civilian" and a weightlifter. Typically, we eat 6+ meals a day. and i'm not just talking about the standard three plus protein shakes. So go to the diet section, look at some diets put up by the vets, then use that as a template and customize it to fit your goals. Then post it up so we can discuss it and look for improvements. Learn a few things too. Know what BMR is (Base metabolic rate)? Do you know how many extra calories per day above your BMR to gain 1 lb per week? It's worth knowing. I have a BMR calculater in excel. if you are interested, you can email me your request to rk8975 at and i will send you that, a calorie counter, and a bunch of other templates I use that may benefit you as well.

    Exercise. What is your routine? I'm thinking you should go to the exercise section and post your routine. Many newbs here make two major mistakes (not saying this applies to you)
    they either ignore or underwork their largest muscles - Legs!
    They over train by fatiguing the same muscle group more than once a week.

    before you start aas, you should really have diet and exercise diealed in.

    one last thought. once your blood panels come back, the results may indicate you are a candidate for TRT. if this is the case, then this is probably what you want to do, and not cycle any time soon.

    Lot to think about. If you have any more questions, please ask.
    Again, welcome to the Board!

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    Quote Originally Posted by higgy View Post
    If this is your first cycle, then I'd stick with test only for 10-12 weeks. If you wanna use an oral to kickstart the cycle, use dbol or anadrol .

    As for as your diet, there is a whole section dedicated to the topic. Post your current diet and the guys there will be more than helpful.

    Welcome and good luck.
    Any other questions?
    Yeah if i was you i would stick to one compound for your first cycle and get the knowledge on a proper pct program. Get your diet in check and visit all sections and read the threads their is a wealth of information on this site just take your time and do the proper research before you jump into anything. You have to dedicate the next 6 months to training if you are serious about using AAS i see that you just started back up at the beginning of this year and have seen great gains this far why not continue doing it that way until you reach a plateau. How long were you off training for before you started again ? Training is not just a hobby it is a lifestyle and if your dedicated you will reach your goals and best of luck.

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    First no it is not my first cycle. I did Test then my second cycle was Test Deca and Dbol worked good. I have worked out for a while and did pretty well with these. I am not in a point that I want to cut up. I have kicked ass in my training and I have changed my lifestyle completely. My eating habits and gym routines etc. After doing these cycles and working out hard for about 8 months I am feeling great, although I have the extra pounds I still feel like I am good shape and my stamina is very high.

    As what I took off, I took about 4 months off from working out and training them got back into it in September. I have been clean for over a month now and I am looking for some ideas to utilize the following "Trenabol, Stanozolol (oil), Sus, Deca and Adropen 275".

    I will also post diet ideas in the proper forum as well thank you

    Any info on this cycle would be greatly appreciated.

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    I am 6.4 235 19% BF, real close you. I have just finished my first cycle. Looking to start my second. I am looking at a test prop week 1-5 / Test E week 6-10 and a Dbol Starter for 4 weeks. At this time I am staying away from Tren and EQ and Stan, These are just another way of getting to the same place maybe just a little quicker with more sides. Everyone says diet is the answer and I agree but the juice sure does put me in that frame of mind to do the diet and hit the gym earlier and stay later.

    Tren and test are your best bet if your on you 3rd cycle. Thats what I am looking at.
    Hope this helped

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