Been on here off and on foir the past few months and im hoping someone can help me out

im 33..190.....

ive done a few summer cycles from like 07- 10

last year....ran a cycle of Test 200 and Tren 250..twice a weeek from August 1st to October 1st

did NO PCT...never had done it in the past....never had an issue..

but this caught up to me...I WAS SHUTDOWN HARD

my test was measured jan 1st at 387

i then got some liquid clomid and nolva and did 8 weeeks of it...

as of april at 700

when i was at 387...even with a viagra..i couldnt get hard...i had NO dick was a flacid piece of dead skin it seemed

Now, i can get hard with a cialis or viagra but still, it isnt as hard as it was pre-cycle............

all my BW came back in range

endo n urologist say im fine and its mental BUT IT ISNT

i go on dates and have some of the badddest chicks ever get naked in front of me but my erections are only 80% or so , of what they were, prior to that tren/test cycle

my prolactin......fsh..lh, estradoiol are all in range

is there anything im missssing.......what can get my dick back to normal