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    PCT help with Sustanon Dianabol and winstrol cycle

    I am 22 been training for 3 years. Did a dianabol only cycle for 6 weeks about 7 months ago and used Temoxifen and pregnyl for PCT

    Now i am planning to do a Sustanon dianabol and winstrol (stanozolol ) cycle for 10weeks

    Sustanon for 10weeks 2 shots a week (1ml shots)
    dianabol for 6 weeks while on sustanon (40mg 50mg 60mg 50mg 40mg 30mg)
    and after 6 weeks on dianabol for the last 4 weeks adding winstrol

    I already have some temoxifen and pregnyl in hand- Milk thisle for liver protection

    what else would i need during or after the cycle such as nolvadex clomid or arimidex to be safe.


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    cutting and bulking coumounds in the one cycle

    2 orals


    if you go through with this grab an AI and SERM for pct

    choice is yours

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    i would add clomid for sure however i would just keep it simple you dont know how you will react to sus250 its running multiple test i would just run test C or E with the dianabol and winstrol isn't needed mate but its up too you...

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