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    new in this game

    Hi guys,
    Coming in with a question about the steroids cycles. I was workin with this man who for the last 30 years he`s in body building he aswell was competing in this stuff, so I asket him about this steroids what they do and how do they work. Just want to go for one cycle. Some of the treads out there are saying that they are dangerous some not, he said as long as you use them for a cycle of 2 months and then you stay off for a while they are not bad and side effects shouldn`t appear. I asked him as well about a cycle for a begginer and this is what he reccomend. enanthate , trenbolone , decca, proprionate, and dianabol .
    My question is; How does this sound for a begginer.
    Any advice is appreciated.
    Thanks guys

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    Please give all stats when asking quetions in the questions and answer forum.

    Stats consist of:

    Cycle history
    Years training

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    Plz do not listen to this friend of yours.. Thats insane..

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    lol test is best just run test mate the guys obviously old school the days when putting everything in a syringe and hoping for the gains just read up about test C and test E and PCT...

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    Your friend recommended 2 19nors 2 different ester tests and an oral compound for a first cycle no offense but you need to find some new friends. Not a good cycle, hang around here and get your knowledge from the leading steroid forum on the web.

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    an 8-12 week cycle of test e or test c would be best.

    you want to keep your first cycle as simple as possible with preferably just one compound (aka test of some sort)

    test enth and test cyp both have longer esters so you will be able to inject 2 X week instead of every other day with test prop.

    read up on PCT and post up plans for your first cycle.

    did your friend even mention a PCT of any sort?!

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