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    Want to take it a bit easy

    Hi All,

    Been lurking a long time....

    Have a bit of experiece since .92....


    really want to take it easy. diet is good with fish and chichen breast. veggies o plenty. creatine and protien.

    400g protien- 1/2 and 1/2 cottage cheese and meat with shakes
    300g carb- veggies and shakes- broc, oats, yogurt, etc
    50g sometimes 100g far from meat

    all per day


    28 shots 275mg test blend
    12 shots 275mg deca
    170- 10mg tb dianabol
    50 tab- 10mgs novadex
    10 shots 76mg trenbolone hex

    want to split this up....

    cycle 1
    1 deca + 1/2 test e3d + 3 diana ed- all for 2wks.

    same deca test for 2 more wks with diana at 2tabs ed.

    same dect test for 2 more wks with 1 diana ed.

    test 1/2 for 3 more wks.

    nova 1 wk after last shot 20mg/day divided for 21 days

    2 or 3 mths off... trainin hard...

    1 test e3d +1 tren e3d- 30d

    1test e3d- 6d

    1/2test 3d- 6d

    nova 10mg divided dogages/day 2wks

    Sound reasonable??

    Sorry for spelling mistakes.
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    Hmmm just wondering on this cycle are you planning to bulk up already from your 17% bodyfat ??

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