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    starting new cycle advise is welcomed and wanted

    Testodex 350ml per week
    Nandrolona (Decca) 600ml per week
    Equipoise 800ml per week

    previous cycle ran eq and dbol but after 3 different company's dbol all ending up in what seemed a allergic reaction ended up ran only eq gains were not what i had hoped mainly just a appetite and vascular help.

    height 6'1 weight 190 age 21 body fat about 8%
    goal is to hit a lean 215 so i can hit heavy weight in muay thai

    i am very new to this so am very open to advise getting different gear is'nt a problem
    also sitting on alot of anadrol 50mg tablets

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    not to be negative my friend,you are to young to be using these strong compunds,you need to eat and grow naturally at age 21,you will mess up your endocrine system big time if you do this now brother,just trying to help

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    Welcome to the board Odex!
    Since you are new, I should explain a few things to you.
    First, this board does NOT condone the useage of aas for those under 25! There are a variety of health reasons for this. At 21, your HPTA/endocrine systems will not mature until your mid 20's. Your body NEEDS to be able to produce testosterone on it's own, for your hormonal system to develop normally. If you do not allow your hormonal system to develop normally, without introducing steroids , then you may experience many/all of these symptoms:
    Limp Dik (ED)
    Low/No Libido (not interested in fuking your woman)
    small balls (testicles to you PC guys out there)
    High Blood pressure
    Bad cholestoral

    Someone at your age, with an abundance of natural testosterone floating around in your blood stream, does NOT need additional testosterone! Period.

    We feel that you should, instead of aas, focus your energies on diet and exercise for the next four years, building a solid, yet natural foundation. Then, when you reach 25 and still want to use aas, we will be here.

    Warm regards,

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    All good advice ^^^^

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