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    Smile Cycle Critiquing?

    hey folks i havent been on the forums in a long time and figured id come back to see how everyone was doing. Anyways In 2008 I did a sust 300 cycle that was supposed to be 12 weeks long but had to cut it short down to 9 weeks due to the military. In 2009 I did a cycle of Kryptonite which was a pro hormone that they banned. I believe it had Tren in it but dont know what else. about halfway through my cycle they banned it but finished anyway.
    In may of 2010 i cut my foot open and was out of commission for a few months and when it finally healed up I was working 70 hours a week. Needless to say i put on about 30 pounds in 7 months due to eating the way i normally did but not being able to get to the gym in a consisten basis. in january i hit 300 lbs and i was highly upset so i started hitting the gym hard and lots of cardio. my waist was at a 44 and nothing would fit me anymore. Btw here are my stats.

    38 1/2 waist now

    sounds pretty big for the waist but i got it down to 36 before and i was shredded. Anyways I recently got off a cycle of Clen . I did 3 weeks on and tapered up to 200 mcg a day. when i got on the clen i was at a 41 1/2 inch waist and dropped down to 39(i did a lot of cardio during the cycle running atleast 4-5 days a week)

    now i am trying to cut up some as i have transitioned a lot of my weight from fat to muscles naturally

    I was looking at Tren because when i took kryptonite i dropped an inch off my waist in my cycle which was only a month.

    I have been researching and saw that a tren only cycle sounds like a big No No due to it shutting you off. I got some tips on having a test base and they mentioned Test Prop. I checked my source out and they have a blend series which reads this

    100 mg Testosterone Propionate

    100 mg trenbolone acetate

    100 mg drostanolone propionate

    1ml=100mg of each.

    anyways I am trying to do a low dose cycle as i am more for cutting

    i was looking at this as a cycle to start off with

    50mg tren
    50mg Test Prop
    50mg Masteron

    EoD for week 1

    then jumping up to 75mg EoD weeks 2-4

    weeks 5-7
    100mg EoD

    Week 8 taper back down(I heard that taking tren for more than 8 weeks is not recommended)

    week 9-10
    Clomid as PCT
    and taking Clen tapering up from 40 mcg a day to 120-160 mcg

    weeks 11-12
    Clomid as PCT

    if anyone wants to critique this in anyway to make it better it would be appreciated.

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    no one wants to chime in on this?

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