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    Anavar/ Andropen cycle critique

    age 24
    183 lbs
    7% bf
    6 years training

    Cycle 14 wks:
    1-8 50mg anavar ed
    1-14 Andropen 275 300mg 2x wk

    5-13 250 iu Hcg 2x wk

    14-18 Nolvadex 40/40/20/20
    Clomid (havent decided yet)

    Any input? I toyed with the idea of a 40mg ed DBOL for the first 4 weeks instead of anavar for 8 weeks. However i have had very good experience in the past with anavar and even though it sounds stupid.. i do drink more than I should and would rather take the easier route on the liver. Im looking for lean gains of about 15 pounds. Nothing crazy. Previes cycles were Test C and anavar. The Andropen is new to me... juts looking to see if anyone has tried it and what they thought?

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    I would run the var at the end 6-14 wks. I didn't care for andropen , I had better results with cyp or enth.

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    looks like a pretty solid cycle. i would suggest using clomid as well as nolva cause it seems like it can be a strong compound from what i have read about it. u could potentially do more than 300mg of the andropen a week. i did anavar alone at 70mg a day on a cut and it worked great. idk how it will mix with the injectable but you could also potentially bump that up a bit

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