I'm 76KG, 13% body fat. Want to get to around 9-10%.

I've been doing carb cycling for 3 weeks now and gone from about 16% down to 13% and lost 3kg, and just got some clen 100mcg per 1ml. I want to know the dosage that I do on it for maximum effect.

I've found to do it like this, on another forum, but not sure if that's good enough for my weight.

Day1: 20mcg
Day2: 40mcg
Day3: 60mcg
Day4: 80mcg
Day5: 80mcg(Note: Increase the dose only when the side effects are tolerable)
Day6-Day12: 100mcg
Day13: 80mcg (Tapering is not necessary, but it helps some users get back to normal gradually)
Day14: 60mcg
Day15: off
Day16: off

This is my first clen cycle, obviously.