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    test e first cyclce newbie questions

    going to be starting my first cycle of test e in a few weeks.
    gonna run a 10 week cycle of 500 mg per week for first 8 weeks and then drop it to 250 mg for weeks 9 and 10 then starting my PCT 15 days after last injection. Nolva for 4 weeks.

    i have never did a cycle before but i am curious to know what other supplements can be used in conjunction with the test e. currently i take a multivitamin, fish oil, green tea, glucosimine and vitamin d in the morning with my protein shake/breakfast. for preworkout, i take l-arginine along with a NO supplement (jacked). can i continue the same regimen of supplements along with the test e? any insight would be appreciated!

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    Stats bud before we can help?

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