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    Clen / T3 / Ketoifen cycle - like sticky, but no off days b/c of ketoifen?

    Day 1 Clen 60mcg / T3 50mcg
    Day 2 Clen 60mcg / T3 50mcg
    Day 3 Clen 80mcg / T3 75mcg
    Day 4 Clen 100mcg / T3 75mcg
    Day 5 Clen 100mcg / T3 75mcg
    Day 6 Clen 120mcg / T3 100mcg
    Day 7 Clen 120mcg / T3 100mcg
    Day 8 Clen 120mcg/ T3 125mcg
    Day 9 Clen 120mcg/ T3 125mcg
    Day10 Clen 120mcg / T3 125mcg
    Day11 Clen 120mcg / T3 125mcg
    Day12 Clen 120mcg/ T3 125mcg
    Day13 Clen 120mcg / T3 125mcg
    Day14 Clen 120mcg / T3 125mcg
    Day15 Clen 120mcg / T3 125mcg
    Day16 Clen 120mcg / T3 125mcg
    Day17 Clen 120mcg / T3 125mcg
    Day18 Clen 120mcg / T3 125mcg
    Day19 Clen 120mcg / T3 125mcg
    Day20 Clen 120mcg / T3 125mcg
    Day21 Clen 120mcg / T3 125mcg
    Day22 Clen 120mcg / T3 125mcg
    Day23 Clen 120mcg/ T3 125mcg
    Day24 Clen 120mcg / T3 125mcg
    Day25 Clen 120mcg / T3 125mcg
    Day26 Clen 120mcg / T3 125mcg
    Day27 Clen 120mcg / T3 125mcg
    Day28 Clen 120mcg / T3 100mcg
    Day29 Clen 120mcg / T3 100mcg
    Day30 Clen 120mcg / T3 100mcg
    Day31 Clen 120mcg / T3 75mcg
    Day32 Clen 120mcg / T3 75mcg
    Day33 Clen 120mcg / T3 75mcg
    Day34 Clen 120mcg / T3 50mcg
    Day35 Clen 120mcg / T3 50mcg
    Day36 Clen 120mcg / T3 50mcg
    Day37 Clen 120mcg / T3 50mcg
    Day38 Clen 120mcg / T3 25mcg
    Day39 Clen 120mcg / T3 25mcg
    Day40 Clen 120mcg / T3 25mcg
    Day41 Clen 120mcg / T3 25mcg
    Day42 Clen 120mcg / T3 25mcg

    With keto 1mg per night starting day 21 - 42

    Anyone do similar? how will this work>?

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    From my understanding, keto at 1-2mg a night is perfect to run the clen straight through.

    I'm on day 19 of clen only straight, and have been dosing 1mg keto a night since day 1. Weight loss rate has continued.

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    I am not sure how you guys can stand to do clen . I ramped up from 20mcg to 120mcg around 10 days.. I felt like I was going to die.

    Almost no sleep couldn't do cardio period.
    Had a reseting pulse rate of 105 at 3am laying in bed.

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    Hi wellyou! I'm interested in other's experience with a continuous cycle also. I have debated doing that. I'm female so my dosage would be a bit lower but I'll be hopping by here to see how it goes for you. For me, I'm not very sensitive to stimulants and my blood pressure is outstanding according to my doctor. Those things ease my worry about the side effects. Is this what you're planning to do? When will you start? Keep us updated!

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    You want to start keto at the end of week two, so day 14. Then run keto for as long as you run clen from there.

    i also dont recommend using t3/4 without gear. I would only use clen/keto if you are off cycle.
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    I would NEVER advice to start to 60 mcg... except if very experienced with the coumpound and still...

    Start with 20mcg or 40mcg(40 max IMO) and increase after that.

    Listen to t-dogg the t3/4 will burn your muscle... and you wnot like that...

    the BF% is the pourcentage of fat on the lean mass. If you lose lean mass your bf increase. if you want your bf to drop you need to keep your lean mass.
    Diet cardio clen will be enough IMO to reach the bf% you want.

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    Run some test p with it at around 250-300mgs/w an if its your first cycle with clen start your dose at 20mcgs, then move up 10mcgs/ed

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