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    Increase dosage mid cycle

    Hi guys, first time posting so I'll start with a few basic stats:
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 185
    Training: on and off 5 years last 2 years seriously.
    No. Prev cycles: 2

    I am currently half way through my third cycle of tri-tren and test enanthate .
    I started off mild with 200mg of the tri-tren and 250mg of the test EW. After last week (6th week) I realized my strength and weight gains didnt seem to be heading where I wanted so I doubled my dosage to 400mg of tren and 500mg of test.
    My question is how long will it be before i see the extra strength and gains from the added gear, will it take for example an additional 4weeks for the test e just like when you first start or will my blood levels jump quicker because I'm mid cycle?
    Sorry if it seems like a silly question I couldn't find a solid answer so far and thought someone may of had past experiences.
    Thanx guys!

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    Yah, your starting dose was on the low side.

    Any previous experience with tren ?

    No you won't have to wait another 4 weeks for full effects since you increased the dose.

    Planned PCT?

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    Thanx, that is good to know!
    No tren experience which I guess is why i started at a low dose (I hear tren sides are comon and not fun)
    I am having .25 of letro a day which seems do be doing the trick for an anti e.
    An as for PCT I have purchased hcg , clomid and nolva.
    I'm just preparing PCT structure now so any pointers will be greatly appreciated.
    Also how and when would you advise coming off the letro, i hear it can have a bounce back with est levels.
    Once again Thanks fir the advise mate.

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