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    I'm a Newb and fat... need help

    Ok feel free to rip me apart if i'm posting this wrong. I'm 5'8 250 lbs (mostly fat). I work out 3 days a week, take protein. I'm looking for help and recommendations to get faster results on cutting the fat quickly. Not looking to bulk up right now, just get lean muscle and burn fat. What do you recommend I take? Are any of the on-line retailers good? Are they safe? the normal questions I guess. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome and COME on over to the Diet Question forum......See ya there!

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    how old are you? well if by what should u take u mean what steroids u should take the answer is none. if you are a "newb" it is obvious you havent had enough experience to develop a good diet or routine. what you should do is read the stickies in the workout and diet sections and post in there with any questions you have. steroids should not even be considered until you have an extensive workout history and know exactly what you are doing.

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    there is no trick to this and no magic pill that will work... get your diet and cardio in check and you WILL see reults... try to increase your workouts to at least 5x a week and put your focus into cardio and try to research HIIT and plyometrics, they seem to work best for burning fat... Go to the diet section on this forum and post your diet. you will get the best help from people that have a ton of knowledge on diet... keep motivated and trust me the pounds and fat will come off if you are dedicated....

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