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    Before I start second cycle

    Just wanted a quick critique before i start next week.

    Age 29
    Weight 245
    BF 18% guestimate
    10years in gym 4 years serious

    MDOL week 1-4 20/30/30/30
    Test Cyp week 1-15 500mg/wk
    And im thinking about adding oral Winni for the last 5 weeks
    Ill be running Nolva for PCT
    And ill be taking Cycle assist and Inhibit E during plus the other basics.

    Anyone have any experience with the Inhibit E. I am really scared of Gyno and wanted to know if i should run this during or some Nolva during. Thanks

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    did you get some gyno when on last cycle?

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    you def need a real AI, not OTC stuff. 4 years training and still that high BF? having you been bulking this whole time?

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