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    hcg supplement now

    or maybe its been around for awhile. i just learned of it.

    alright some guys were talkin about them at work. advice was being given to someone about this hcg diet and it makes you eat less and it helps eliminate fat.

    im assuming this hcg supp from gnc isnt like the pharm grade thing that bodybuilders take.

    im assuming this over the counter supp is not used for testicular atrophy by steroid users like the real stuff. the description only mentions diet/ weight loss use.

    is this just another copy cat supplement that tries to sound similar to performance enhancing drugs?

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    not even close to the same thing as real hcg .

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    ^^^^ agree
    x 2

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    even if it was real the HCG diet is a sham..........the clinics and docs pushing should be jailed for false advertising, it has never once been proven to burn a peer reviewed study.

    people get results because of the 500 calorie diet they put you on, maybe the HCG, since it gives you a well-being feeling, forget how shitty they feel on the diet. I can not think of a better way to ensure a rebound, then being on an unhealthy diet such as this one. just my 2 cents.

    BTW op.................nice avi
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