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    cycle coming up soon

    hey everyone, im gonna be starting my cycle in about 2.5 weeks...wanted to make sure it the nod of approval from experienced people on here...this is what the stack looks like.

    Prohormones: PM AndroMass, Transform Forged Black Extreme
    Multivitamin: UN Animal Pak
    Pre-Workout: APS Mesomorph
    Proteins: ON 100% Whey Gold Standard, ON Pro-Complex
    Creatine: APS Creatine Nitrate
    Liver-support: Transform Forged Liver Support

    PCT: Transform Forged Post-Cycle, Transform Forged Bromo

    So thats the stack...debating on whether or not i want to use a SERM. The guy where I bought the forged black told me that a SERM is not needed. Love input on my stack and on whether to use a SERM or not. Thanks.

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    use a serm to be sure imo

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