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    Performance enhancing drugs anabolc steroids and hgh

    Im doing a health/history project for school on performance enhancing drugs and i need an original source with experience on the topic. I have a few questions...

    1) What performance enhancer did you use specifically (if more than one which ones) & was it an oral or injectable?
    2) What benefits and adverse effects did you experience before, during, and after your cycle?
    3) Would you use it again? Explain, why or why not.
    4) Do you think they should be allowed in Professional Sports today?
    5) Did you use SERMS, estrogen blockers to prevent Gynecomastia and Testicular Atrophy? Did they work?
    6) If you have used both Steroids and HGH, which do you prefer and why?
    7) Are you male or female ?

    ****basically i want to know what your experience with performance enhancers has been

    Thanks in advance for the help !

    ONLY those 18 or older should answer these questions
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