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    Anavar only cycle

    Hi guys,
    after much deliberation, I am going to start my first ever cycle on an Anavar pills only one.
    Unless anyone says otherwise, I will go for 80mg ED for 6-8 weeks. Is there much difference between 60mg or 80 mg per day (other than the obvious 20mg ......) as some say 60 is good, others say 80 is where you need to be. Or would ramping up to a higher dose over a few days be a better choice?

    Questions, though. Should I take them all in one go, or spread throughout the day? Does anyone know if Var is best taken with / without food?

    And sorry if this has been asked and answered before, but when should the PCT start, is it like Winny and 24 hours after last pill? I am thinking clomid, but open to suggestions.

    thanks again for any advice given

    cheers chaps

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    i did an only Var cycle last year and saw good results. most ppl will tell you test is the base for any cycle, and that is true but i wanted to do just an oral to see how it felt on some form of AAS before injecting.

    that being said, i did 70mg a day for 8 weeks. 8 weeks should be the minimum for var, i would suggest more like 10 weeks, not 6-8. you need to spread them throughout the day cause the half life of it is only like 8-10 hours i believe. you need to do pct the day after your last pill. i did nolva for 4 weeks at 40/40/20/20 and i felt perfectly normal after.

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    great info, thanks for the prompt reply. Looking through these threads, there are lots of similar questions on Var, but doesnt appear to be a sticky anywhere for Anavar ?

    Also, can anyone point me in the direction of the "diet section"?

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    First of all stats brother?

    There isn't a sticky for anavar that I know of. But if u go to the steroids profile forum there's heals of info there about it.

    Diet forum is onthe main page, bout half way down...

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    thanks, sorry for the delay:

    32, Male,
    6'6" tall
    15% BF
    good diet
    training for strength, some size and more def
    training weights and CV 7-8 years
    never done AAS before

    I have got the Clomid for the PCT - but its 20x50mg tabs, should I take 50 a day for 2 weeks? Any suggestions?

    I am now 12 days into 80mg ED of var, but must say nothing - not a thing other than bloated and gassy! I cant name the the well know brand, but the tabs are 10mg, round and yellow, so maybe fakes. I got some more now anyway as run out from another lab, but these are squarish and red/pink in colour (although again 10mg) so will see if I get any results from these puppies.

    Does body weight and overall size make a huge difference to a PCT? Reason I went for Clomid, is cos I cant get Nolva!

    thanks again chaps

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    since they are tabs i would get a pill chopper myself and bust the clomids in half... anavar is ridiculously easy on your system, so only a minimal pct is required... however you would be better served running 50 a day for week 1 and then 25/day weeks 2 and 3... 4 week pct is the norm... however like i said its not that harsh so you should be fine... in fact i know people who run it to bridge between cycles, and people who run it while in pct from huge cycles of 1-2 grams per week and still get their baseline back even though they are technically still on. lol. hell if you do bloodwork it might reveal you dont need pct. better safe than sorry in my opinion... just my 2 cents

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