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    Help with Sustanon 250.....Please!

    How many mg's a week is a good starting point when using sus 250? I prefer to take it once a week if at all possible. It seems like everything I read about sustanon 250 is different. One person shoots it 2-3 times per week, and others only 1 time a week. I am a little confused I guess.
    I am 35 years old. This is first cycle. My diet is in check (although I am still trying to perfect it). I am roughly 15% bodyfat. I am looking to gain roughly 12-18 pounds of muscle...if possible, while dropping as much bf as possible. I was planning on a 12 week Test-E cycle but that fell through so my friend recommended sus 250 to me.
    Man, I'm not sure what other information to include in this post. I was planning on taking around 250-325mg's a week for 10 weeks. I am not planning on stacking this with anything else. From what I have read this is a pretty low dose, but I am looking to put weight on more gradual then I suspect most do...although maybe I am wrong.
    Fellas and/or Ladies, I am looking for some solid advice here. Not to get slammed down about how retarded I am. I am still doing my research, but damn, I feel like I am going in circles. A shit ton of information is out there lol
    Any advice from those who have used sus 250 is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    i have used sust. many times and always got good results. it sets in pretty quick and last long time. i know some will say to go with eth. or cyp but in my experience quality of the gear is the most important not the ester. i always injected sust 1x week. many will say otherwise and to each their own this is just what i did and it worked fine. you may want to run 500mg (2ml) for 10 weeks with your diet in check you will gain quality (lean) mass. hope this helps.

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    2 ml shots per week in 1 shot. Eat 1.5grams to 2 g protein to each lb. Body weight.

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