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Thread: Advice please

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    Advice please

    Hello all,

    I have been researching steroids or years on here but this is my first post.

    Stats are 5'11, 23 years, 179lbs, 10 to 12 pct bf

    My question is what would be an ideal first cycle. My only real concern is loosing my hair cause my hair is thinning now but still have a full head of hair I'm balding slowly every couple years I loose some hair I would say any advice on a great first cycle. I only wanna do 1 cycle and that's it.

    Any input ?

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    first of all if you dont know what your suppose to use on your first cycle then your not putting in any legwork/research. you can literally answer that in 1 search on this forum/

    secondly no one does one cycle.

    and lastly your still a lil young for a cycle.

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    If you are prone to hair loss you will loose hair. You can use DHT blockers like propetia but personally the possible negative side effects are not worth it to me such as ED being the main one.

    Remember if you are looking for hair loss you will see it, you will notice more falling out than before only because you are looking. I have always had a high hairline. I was teased in high school I would be bald by the time I'm 20. Fast forward 28 years and I'm defiantly thinner than I want to be in front but not nearly bald yet, no comb over. LOL

    Continue with the research. Do a LOT of research before considering using anything. Hair loss would be one of your least concerns.

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