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    PCT adding HMG and HCG

    Just finished my Lubpharm test-e 500/wk and eq400/wk cycle. nice solid 20lbs and very vascular, haven't seen this many veins on legs ever before EQ is officially my favorite med!!!!!

    I can get some HMG and HCG and was thinking about adding this to my nolvadex PCT but online there seems to be many different dosage suggestions. What has worked best for you? What dosage and when do you take it?

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    HCG is usually taking during cycle, not at PCT. To avoid shrinkage and to keep the sack down.
    Clomid and Nolvadex is a standard PCT.

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    HCG is used during PCT... As for doses that info can be easily acquired by using the search button...

    What are your stats?

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