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    young lad needs help.

    hi, im 18 , currently 5.10 , 175lbs, put on a bit of weight after i stopped boxing, i was thinking about starting steriods for a month or two just to build some muscle and tone it abit then stop and try to keep it.
    i have no experience about this steriods business lol so if you could help me out please and thank you.
    but i already have the "double chin kinda" so i dont know if the steriods would add to the fat

    any information is appreciated

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    I can tell you need to do a ton of research. While doing that research, you will find that 18 is too young to start AAS. I hope you stay and get some advice on lifting and diet as that will give you big gains right now. Hold off on steroids until you have progressed.

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    Why did you stop boxing? Training again would most definetly shed the weight you have put on. My nephews fight MMA and are in top shape from the conditioning training alone. Add weights to that regimen and you will make huge gains at your age. Dont let anyone talk you into steroids right now. As stated by Johnny, stick around and read and you will see why everyone here will tell you the same thing. Welcome to the board...

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