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Thread: Test and HGH?

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    Test and HGH?

    After I finish my first cycle I was thinking about doing cycle #2 with HGH in there. Does anyone have any experience stacking the two? I would think that would be the ultimate cycle right there.

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    if you can get a pharma grade (HGH) you will see results,
    got have hgh for few months before start test.

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    ITs a great cycle if you can afford to run both in decent amounts for a decent period of time.

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    Test, HGH, and Slin is the best cycle known to man. Leave the slin alone until you really know your shit, IT REALLY CAN KILL YOU. Test and HGH alone is the next best thing but you have to run HGH for long periods of time at a minimum of 8-10iu/day depending on quality to see real muscle growth. To do it right you should run it year round just dropping down to 3-4iu between cycles. HGH run for a couple months is a waste, its not like AAS. Also its difficult to find US FDA grade HGH most is chinese stuff. IF you can find US Pharm Grade your looking at 1000s/ month.
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