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    Need Advice on second cycle

    I am about to start my second cycle, Sustanon 270. I will be going at it for 14 week cycle. I also have my pct's ( Clomid, HGC ) I am very new to this and I have read many conflicting post about how much to take and for how long.

    I am 5'11 and 205lbs.

    My first cycle was almost wasted due to the fact that I was taking Test cyp 250, for 14 weeks without any pct ( I know, bad move, and learned from. ) and lost all the gains that I had. Not to mention about a week and a half of shitty hormonal distress after the cycle.

    I really want to make this cycle count. I also have a tendency to swell up
    (moonface), Im going to purchase some Arimidex to counteract that. Is that the best approach?
    Would I have the same reaction with Sustanon 270 that I did with Test Cyp.?
    I know that Sustanon 270 has Test. in it, but wasn't sure if I would be as potent?

    Any thoughts ?

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    Sust is a blend of 5 different estered tests read up on it here it get a better understanding of it Also 14 weeks is a little long of a cycle compared to the average 10-12 that most people do. Some people say that sust causes more water retention then enenthate or cyp probably due to the faster rise and fall of test in the body

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    IMO for a second cycle cyp would be a better choice. Sus really should be shot every other day to utilize the prop. Seems to be the sexy choice but ill guided if you ask me.

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