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    Prednisone... Please Expert Help

    I have been given 7 tabs of 50mg prednisone to help with an inflammation under my eye which may have been casue by an allergic reaction to clomid.

    I know prednsone is a corto-steroid (not anabolic ) so it can diminish muscle and increase cortisol levels , do u think 7 tabs will do that much harm to my gains i have made??

    He said the inflamtion shoudl go down in 2 days at 1 tab a day though.

    Any thoughts??

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    Hey Steve....You should be OK. It is not as bad as cortisone injections. Prednisone taken orally will not effect ypur gain during a 7 day dosage. I used it last summer, when I got the most hellatious, nasty case of infected poison ivy.

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    i've been on predisone for 3 years. Alot lower dose though but i have made good gains. So im sure you will be fine
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    my doctor prescribed it to me yesterday...he want me to tale 60mg everyday for 6 days for my ligament infalme damnnnnn

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