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    Plz need a lil help!!!

    hey guys, sry dont wanna be a pain i just havve a couple things i need cleared up i have been reading everyting i can about cycles and havent found anyting about my question.

    im new to steriods i have been working out for 4 years and im 25 years old, 6` 220 pretty solid, i have been useing dianabol for the last 6 weeks and have another 2 weeks worth of pills, im woundering if i can just go ahead and start another cycle of test ethan and dbol right after or should i tae clomid and wait a few weeks any info regarding my situation would be alot of help,

    othere question is after my bulking cycle how long should i wait to go on a cutting cycle im planning on stacking anavar and winnys do u think that would be a goood idea ???? again any info will be helpfull.

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    Why in the world just dbols? At this point clean up with the clomid and some milk thistle. Wait 6 weeks, then test e. Pct,then cut. You have to give yourself a break between cycles if you don't you will trade in your nuts for raisins. Pct.pct.pct.

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