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    Pre-Cycle Blood Work Results

    Hey Everyone,

    So here's the deal... This is my first time getting blood work in QUITE some time, but I wanted to see where my levels were at before my first cycle so I could check after my cycle to see how I recovered.

    This is my final cycle if anyone wanted to check it out:

    I asked for a full hormone blood test but only got total test :/ so i guess its better than nothing but here are my results. (Only including the things I think are relevant)

    Cholesterol Total: 195 (125-200 mg/dL)
    HDL Cholesterol: 46 (>= 40 mg/dL)
    LDL Cholesterol: 119 (< 130 mg/dL)
    Triglycerides: 149 (<150 mg/dL)

    Total Testosterone : 346 (241-827 ng/dL)

    Thats really the only relevant tests the doctor did for me but I figured it is better than nothing. Is that test kind of low for a 26 year old? Im thinking it is?

    Let me know if I should be concerned about anything preferably from the vets or guys who know there stuff about blood work.


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    sure it might be on the low end of normal, but still normal. but theres many more players than total test that can determine body composition.
    Be sure to have a clean diet on cycle, you typically increase your absorption of sterols so make sure ur eating good. I also find early morning/empty stomach cardio is awesome on cycle.

    Its been a year but i know that the total hormone blood panels arent covered by insurance, and are really expensive. Docs can test the normal ones but a deep inspecting one costs more $$. Here in AZ i can go get blood work w/o a doc, i have no idea prices though.

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