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    Need advise

    i stated test cyp at 300mg twice a week on april 6th and 100mg of tren a eod since may 8th ill be finishing my last shot of both tren and cyp on june 4th. this was my second cycle i def got great results. i am going on vacation on june 5 for 8 days and wont be able to bring anything with me. What can i do when i get home. i got clomid but i would really like to continue with something else. does anyone know if thats a good idea. how long should you wait in bt cycles. if you dont think i should start something else the week i get home when should i start taking my clomid and how much should i take for how long. Thank you for any advise its greatly appreciated!!

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    If you run an 8 wk cycle, I'd suggest 8 wks off. just my opinion. As far as pct, you could start the chlo within 2 wks of your last injection.

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