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    Question My first cycle what do you think???

    Ok guys ive been thinking aobu it and well ive decided to give the juice a try. I have read about 3/4 of the newbie section and want to knw what you guys think of the cycle im gonna do. Since its closer to sumer and i have more body fat then i want im gonna start my first stack as a cutting stack. Im 5' 9" 170-175 26yrs old not sure about my body fat just a little over weight arounf the mid section.
    week 1 Clenbuterol 3 tabs p/d & 200 Deca p/w
    week 2 clenbuterol 4 tabs p/d & 200 Deca p/w
    week 3 Clenbuterol 5 tabs p/d & 400 Deca p/w
    week 4 Cytomel 1 tab p/d & 400 Deca p/w
    week 5 Cytomel 1 tab p/d & 400 Deca p/w
    week 6 Cytomel 2 tabs p/d & 400 Deca p/w
    week 7 Cytomel 2 tabs Clenbuterol 3 tabs p/d & 200 Deca p/w
    week 8 Clenbutrol 4 tabs p/d & 200 Deca p/w
    week 9 Clenbutrol 5 tabs p/d
    then after this stack is over with i will post my results and ask for help on my gaining stack. Like i said this is my first time so let me know what you think. Any suggestions would be helpful. Also is Clenbuterol legal or do i need to go south of the border to get some? Thanks guys you are great help

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    a few main points.
    1. I would run the deca same level throughout.
    2. Where is the Test? You need test - that is the base of all cycles IMO?
    3. 3 weeks at a time is too long to run clen . No more then 2 weeks. Your body starts to get use to it. 2 weeks on 2 weeks off it and in it's place run ECA stack or NYC stack.
    4. Cytomel needs to be tappered. Run it for how ever long you want in a range of 3 to 6 weeks. Run 5% of your time on the up ramp, 40% at a level max amount, and 55% on the ramp (or tapper) back down to 0.
    Something like this 1122334444444444333333322222221111111. Thats 37 days. If 4 as a max is to much for you - you could start at .5 - move to 1 then 1.5 and max at 2 tabs a day.
    5. Also your deca is ran short at only 8 weeks IMO - cuz it doesn't really do anything until the 3rd week.
    6. You have no post cycle?!?! - ie, clomid/nolvadex .
    7. Maybe deca 300mg week and 200-400mg of test of week. But this will bloat you if you are prone and also will add weight - not a great cutter.
    8. 1st time - can you inject and in multiple spots? Most cuttering cycles involve prop as the test and winny. So they are both ed or eod injects, and also if you are into ed or eod then tren is usually added.
    - No flame bro but you have alot of research to do.

    I would try something different to cut. Maybe Winny tabs - as you haven't done AAS before - and might not like the ed injects. More on your stats is needed - how long have you been working out. If all you want to do is burn fat and not gain muscle at all - if you are not trying to put on 15 lbs. I would say diet/cardio/eca/clen. Cytomel without AAS is going to take off muscle. Upper right hand corner is the search button - I would search on all the compounds you are thinking about.
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    Wow sounds like i still have a lot to learn. I have been working out on and off for about 3.5 yrs. I do want to gain size but looking more for the ripped look then the bulk look as of right now. would sus 250 be a good test to run with this cycle? Also you mentioned NYC & ECA stack could you give little more detail on this? This is by far the best site on the net so like i said this is gonna be my first time so i need all the help i can get. thanks bro for all your help

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    here you go bro, PM if not clear or got ?

    As far as the Clenbuterol goes... I have a different way of taking it that others... I maintain that the tolerance issue is direct to the indy's metabolism.
    I begin intake at 3 tabs on say a Monday and raise the dosage by a tab each day until Friday... not consuming any clen for two to three days. Then I start the five day hit again. I always use for a max of 4-6 weeks... and I only use while cutting... there is no true end of my cycle so I can’t say at the end.

    As far as cynomel goes I use a 3 week or 6 week intake. And spend more time coming down in each. The reason I advise against taking cynomel at times is if the indy is not well versed in dieting they should not be taking T3 at all... You have more of a potential of losing muscle mass or gaining fat.
    reasoning is.... type 1 individual will have a fast metabolic rate and low BF% say 15% and consume T3... will feel the effects of the drug and will begin to raise cal intake and eat everything insight due to improper preparation for the day and when the therapy is over continue to eat in a poor manner because of resonating effects.... this person makes a mistake because they don’t know how to diet down with out drugs....
    Type 2 indy will have a slower metabolic rate and high BF% of 20-25% and consume T3... will not feel the hunger effects right away and begin losing adipose tissue... only issue is if the indy does not know how to ratio his or her proper nutrient intake the indy will at some point begin a catabolic effect because the persons metabolic rate will have increased some 200% but your body is programmed to hold irregular nutrient consumtion occurs and or by not providing enough carbs for energy use. Unless the person is dieting properly will send their body into a catabolic effect due to poor nutrient intake...
    That’s why T3 is used with some type of long ester AAS and used for bulking and leaning.
    when bulking the AAS is typically at high dose of long ester androgenic and the raised metabolic rate from T3 allows the indy to consume 2000-3000 more cals than the other wise high intake with out T3. Ex some get as high as 7000-10000 cals... how…? One to 2 double cheese burger every hour, low fat latte's every half hour, a gal to two gallons of mixed amino acids and water providing between 132-250g protein...
    When leaning a long ester anabolic is used, a clean diet of low fat, 50/50 carbs (simple/non-process complex) and high protein.

    So I advise starting with the clen and a good diet down or cleaner diet first and a good test like propionate by it self for 100mg e/o/d...
    if too pain full or not use to multiple injections 200mg deca e/4th/day 1-11 and 200mg of enanthate 1-10
    if this is your first you will feel the prop very quickly and have noticeable results so be prepared, I recommend single androgen cycles for newbie’s so you can define each androgen to your body’s effects once you've done this a few time then you can go into a stack knowing what to expect and how each individual androgen works with your individual body. Always use each androgen to definition first then deviate… ya know
    When you start stacking right away to me that is a true sign of an impatient ignorant bro. #1 being you must get a diet regimen and learn how nutrients work in the body while you’re testing the androgens in your body.

    Beginner cycle
    100mg prop e/o/d or e/d 1-5
    clen 3-6
    25mg if e/o/d 50mg if e/d 1-5

    200mg enanthate e/4th/d 1-11
    200mg deca e/4th/d 1-11
    Proviron 25mg ed 1-11
    clen 4-7 11-14 .2mg tabs 3tabs to start then clime by 1 until the fifth day, then off for two and repeat (5 day on 2-3 day off then repeat)

    for leaning drop 1000cal from maintenance level or try a 2g protein, the carb could be 1 or 1.5 x body weight (50/50)but fat max of .25g x BW a day.

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    I'd wait 6 months, diet down as much as you can, but I wouldn't do that for my first cycle. Then do a cycle of 400mg of test a week or 250mg every 5 days.


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