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    Am I having a bad reaction?

    I will give you a bit of background before I delve into the problem. I am a 24 year old healthy adult male who has been in sports most my life and have not had any problems medically in the past. I started my first cycle which is Test Pro (1cc EOD) + EQ (1cc, every 2nd time I inject). Now here is the problem and I do not know if it is from the what I am taking or its something else. After I take my injection, later on that night while I am in bed I get hit suddenly with both an extremely dry mouth that makes it hard to swallow along with what seems to be an extremely fast racing heart beat. Added on to that I also feel a bit lightheaded. Nothing has changed in my life recently other then my 1st cycle and my diet is very clean and other then Muscle Milk which I have taken before I do not take any other supplements other then some vitamins (E, D and Milk Thistle.) Its a bit worrying to me when these "attacks" hit, but usually they do go away once I get up and move around a bit (mostly going to take the dog for a long walk.) But when I was once exhausted I can't seem to sleep again for at least 10 hours, I have all kinds of energy.

    It is a bit long of a post but I am just wondering if this is common or a rare side effect perhaps? Any help is much appreciated.

    EDIT - Id also like to add that I have only started a week ago and have only injected 3 times. While doing a bit of research it seems a lot of those symptoms fit into an anxiety attack. If that is all it is then that is fine, I just want to make sure it is not from the gear.
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    doubt its side considering a low eq dose. you only experience the sides the day of the inj or also in the following days?

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