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Thread: trensomnia

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    been running test e @ 750/wk and tren acetate @ 100mg eod. i am 6'3" 240 around 12% and this is my first with tren. the insomnia kicked in exactly 14 days and the past two nights have been hell. the strength is great and the attitude is addictive. tried over the counter sleep aids last night with little relief . may try some zannies don't know. has anyone here ever run tren at 50mg eod. i have to do something to get some damn rest i have very long work days (3:30 am -5:00 pm) just wont to know experiences with doses in that range. thanks guys.

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    im on 60mg ED tren ace. and i got it basically the first night. not fun. i just learn to deal with it.

    the pros out weight the cons.

    try some stronger sleep aids if need be.

    good luck with cycle mate

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    75mgs ed of ace and night sweats and poor sleep from the and pay, but hang in there if you can its worth it..
    might wanna try 50mgs ed it may help but i doubt
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    Tren is a mutha.But I love it.I run 70 mgs ed.For the most part I sleep ok.My last tren cycle.I only ran 40mg ed.I only had a lil left.That sh1t kicked my ass.I think it was my 5th run with tren.And it was the worst.But I had a lot of BS going on at the time.

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    Have you tried Melatonin 3 mg before bed or some ZMA?

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    Im currently running TPP 50mg ed, tren a 100mg ed and mast 100mg ed....results are astounding but the insomnia has been bad. I have been taking upwards of 300mg benadryl every night...which barely works...o...also taking phenergan 100mg...that helps more than anything but its prescription only...

    If you can get ahold of seroquel...its f king awesome...knocks you out like ambien but you dont build a everytime...


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