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    need help cutting up

    Just have a short question for you guys. I' m getting ready to come of my 2nd cycle and now want to cut up. I'm up to 220lbs. but the problem is i have somewhat of a gut i think its about 36in. and would like to get it down (my love handles incuded) some so i have more of a v shape. and also at the side of my pecs i have some fatty tissue that goes under my armpits. Any suggestions on what to use. I can get pretty much anything depending on price. I've asked around and everyone tells me something different so any ideas.

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    Ya, cardio and Diet. Do some fat cutting naturally then when you need to go the extra distance or fat doesn't seem to be coming off anymore then use AS for cutting.


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    Showing us a picture would help us more. If you are getting done with your 2nd cycle i would just use clen and ECA 2 wks clen 2 wks eca, eat clean and hit cardio hard. your diet is key though.

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