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    Question Worth Paying For?

    Hi all In the month since I joined I have learned much from all you, thanks. I know what I want to do know but there is only one
    problem, Suppliers! Now don't go yelling at me for asking, but are any of these other sites legit in their claims of good pharmasuctical suppliers? Can you trust the mail? Or am I just out of luck till I meet the right person?
    If you can help with some passwords to sites or any other info please help a fellow builder.

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    Just get to know some people on the boards and you will be pointed in the right direction. And remember, always check with a few mods before you order...


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    check with mods and make close friends. Its always a gamble but so is life. Just remember the biggest risk is not taking one

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    CYCLEON Guest
    Just remember that it takes a while to become "close friends" - just like off the boards

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    ptbyjason Guest
    check your PMs please, and NO I am not becoming a "close friend" to hook him up guys.

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    Re: Worth Paying For?

    Originally posted by Footballman007
    I know what I want to do know but there is only one
    problem, Suppliers!
    You just dropped the soap in the prison shower. Now watch your back.

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    Gotta laugh Excess your funny

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