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    thoughts/ideas on site pain related to prop

    a friend of mine was asking for insight into whether propionate would hurt bad ,being that i had used it before, I tried to help him out...and the following is my answer, is seemed kind of insightful so i thought id post it:

    pain from prop i think deals with a few variables, most importantly i think the individual themself, some people are just more sensitive to the BA(more required for a short ester) content of prop or their bodies do not like the propionate ester, i use the ambigous pronoun somebody, because everyone has heard the horror stories related to propionate pain, nevertheless you've probably also heard of people having no problems whatsoever with ED injections of propionate, secondly, brand and company specs accompanied by sanitary production and quality have a lot to do with it, to my evidence...i was using the qv100 10cc bottle, 1cc in each tricep, 1 in each bicep, and ive done shoulder and quads...shoulders and biceps were no problem, no pain hardly, just a little discomfort the next day, but with triceps and quads, i had extremely bad discomfort with swelling, redness, hotness, and fever...which would lead me to believe injection technique, cleanlyness of the site being injected, and the muscle group itself are all variables to consider when trying to determine whether prop will cause of luck

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    Good post dj! For me, iv had little or NO pain using prop. Iv injected ed and only my quads for 5 weeks and i had no troubles at all. Iv injected alone and combined with no problems too. I agree with u when u said "pain from prop i think deals with a few variables, most importantly i think the individual themself." I think some people are just overly sensitive to prop. Weather its from the BA or sterility. Just my .02...


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    Hey dj... I am glad you were able to reach your back and pat it... you were right, very insightful! The biggest factor is your own bodys ability to absorb the BA content. Some get use to it while others cant seem too. And then there are those who have no problems whatsoever (OG, your the man... )! For me, it takes my body a few weeks to adjust and then no pain at all!
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