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    Up coming cycle, have a couple ???

    31 yo
    184 #
    13-4% bf
    2 previous cycles.
    3 years training

    Before it i post my upcoming cycle, wanted to figure couple things out. Talk to my new source and he has or can get just about anything i wanted. So was curious on Anavar , he said he has it but in liquid form?? Never heard of it in liquid form, so it now through me off of plan. Was thinking 4-6 wks up to 50mg a day. But not sure now.

    Other question is been looking for an hour on dosing L-dex. I remmeber is full dose eod, or cut in half ed. But cant find the amounts here.

    Sorry if these are stupid questions, just trying to do this right.

    Thanks guys for the help.

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    ive heard of the liquid anadrol i had a buddy take it and love it..he said he liked it better than the pill form..and effective dose for him was 75 mg though much more than that lead to some nasty sides

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    did a quick google search; liquid anavar is legit.

    id run 50mg/day for 4-6 weeks.
    ld dex; .6mg either ed/eod depending on your reaction. start eod and if its not working bump it up.

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