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    First anavar cycle ( need help!)

    hey, im 16 years old about 6'4 and i weigh 240, ive been working out for about a little over 1 year and im looking to start my first cycle of anavar (20 mg a day) for 50 days, is this a good idea or not?

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    Not. You are too young. Read some of the stickies (they are the highlighted threads at the top)

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    You are too young, you donīt need steroids yet.
    You are 16 years, you do not require steroids to gain muscle mass, yet! Your natural production of hormones is enough to make some serious gains!!!

    Be very careful with your diet. if you are not to gaining weight, probably you're not eating properly. At your age carbs are essential to gain muscle.
    Enough protein too, of course!

    Train hard!

    Do cardio, 20-30 minutes, 3 or 4 times a week.

    I think your biggest concern should be your diet. Go to the diet forum for advice!

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    Way too young mate....wait another few years n train hard!!

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    Damn way too young!

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    If your not making gains the problem is most likely the diet. Get your diet it check, without it you will not grow. If you think your still having difficulty, have your testoterone checked. Report back with the results, but I bet your levels are very high naturaly right now.

    A warning to you, I was stupid and used prohormones and androsine at your age and into my yearly 20s now I'm looking at having to get on TRT because my test is down to less than 200. You don't want to put yourself in that situation. Stay away from the legal hormone stuff too, they are actually worse for your body and just as hard on your HPTA.

    GL bro, train hard, diet hard!

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    Thought this was a joke... then saw the # of posts. Dont do it Bro! will seriously screw you up at your age.

    Serious prop's for asking our advise on here first rather then listening to a stupid friend or whatever!

    Check out the training and Diet forums, you have much yet to learn!

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    The minimum age on this forum is 18 so you will be banned shortly, but you are way to young to be doing any kind of steroids .

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