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    Cool University Student Research Steroid Survey

    I am a University student doing a research article on steroids and body image. All your answers and feedback is greatly appreciated

    p.s.- I need 15 replies for my power point presentation tomorrow so i need to be quick. Thank you in advance DON'T ANSWER ANY PERSONAL QUESTIONS

    1. What is your age and ethnicity?
    2. Are you concerned with the way you look, if so why?
    3. Do the media have a strong influence on your body image?explain
    4. Do the media have a strong influence on your body image?explain
    5. Do you think physical appearance is as important for men as it is women?explain
    6. Describe how you or someone you know feels after using steroids?
    7. What is the purpose of steroid use ?
    8. What are the most effective steroids for size and strength?
    9. Do you prefer taking steroids to nutritional supplements?explain
    10. On a scale of 1-10, how many times do you or someone you know use steroids in a month?
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    So you waited until the last minute to do your homework, and now we're supposed to bail you out in a hurry?
    Also, LMAO at number 10.
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    One post eh? Probably shoulda thought a little beforehand

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    All of them are personal to me lol

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