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    Cool ***** "Cycle of the Gods" ??? *****

    Anybody familiar with "Cycle of the Gods" ?

    Weeks 1 - 10- Test Prop - 75mgs ED
    Weeks 1 - 10- Tren Ace - 50mgs ED
    Weeks 1 - 10- Masteron - 50mgs ED

    PCT -

    Nolvadex - 40/40/20/20
    Clomid - 100/100/50/50

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    More like: "Shit Out Your Liver And Get The Shakes Like Crazy, And Way Too Much Pinning Cycle".
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    Quote Originally Posted by bruary17 View Post
    More like: "Shit Out Your Liver And Get The Shakes Like Crazy, And Way Too Much Pinning Cycle".
    Very Funny

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    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^I just sharted. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!

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    i like it, personally... the masteron will keep sides down and help to lean out along with the tren ... the tren ace and the test prop will kick in nicely together. pct is standard. if you don't mind pinning ed/eod then i like it.

    i ALWAYS do test prop... so i don't mind eod pinning

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    id flip the Prop and tren dose, let the tren do the work while test keeps ur body good.

    U DEF need HCG thru that cycle though. 500iu 2x week, then 1000iu on first day of pct.

    i would go 8 weeks of prop, 7 weeks of everything else. at least run prop a week longer to make sure thats all thats left in, aldo 10 weeks of ED pinning is a long time. after 8 weeks im rdy to stop lol jus cuz of the increasing pain... or maybe cuz i did winny in PEG400 which left huge arse knorts lol....

    other than that...that looks great id do the exact same but lower mast cuz of MPB

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    That's pretty much what I'm running:

    50mg prop ED
    50mg trenA ED
    75mg mast ED

    prop for 10-11 weeks. Tren a week less.

    This is my second go at this combination and love the results. Its dosed low enough I don't get any sides, just very lean and a lot of strength gains. I think it depends on the individual though, my buddy took the same stuff and had trouble sleeping with night sweats, acne etc. and didn't make as much gains as I did...

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    My favorite cycle minus the masteron . I'm on my 2nd week of a 6 week blast @ 150mgs of each eod. Going to run the prop for 2 more weeks after the tren .
    Have fun.

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